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Behavioural Insights Course: Running a Project (Online)

About the course

This behavioural insights online course will teach you the basics of planning, establishing and managing a BI Project. In this behavioural insights online course you will learn a set of tools to match BI project approaches with policy problems, as well as arguments to advocate for a BI methodology. Our senior practitioners will also share lessons learned from applying BI with governments to ensure successful delivery. Finally, this BI course will introduce you to randomised controlled trials in order to oversee BI projects with a testing focu

This behavioural insights course online will be facilitated through an interactive live video link. Registered participants will be able to connect to the video link using Zoom (available free) and a reliable internet connection is required. Video connection details will be made available to each participant prior to the course via Canvas, the UTS Learning Management System (LMS). Course materials, presentations and/or readings will also be made available to participants within Canvas LMS.

What will I learn?

At the completion of this behavioural insights (BI) course online you will be able to:

  1. Select the right type of BI project to address their policy problem.
  2. Advocate for greater testing in policymaking.
  3. Establish a BI project with their stakeholders.
  4. Resolve common challenges to a BI project.
  5. Understand the basics of running a randomised controlled trial.

Is the course for me?

Behavioural Science in Practice is for anyone who wants to learn and apply behavioural science to their work. There will be a particular emphasis on those who want to ‘nudge for good’. Those likely to benefit most from the course include:

  • Civil servants involved in the formulation of local and national policies
  • Consultants who want to achieve social impact and help their clients improve efficiency
  • Managers responsible for addressing challenges in their organisation
  • Designers and developers creating new products and ventures.

How can I sign up?

Enrol now at via the UTS website

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