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Behavioural Insights Course: An Introduction (Online)

About the course

This behavioural insights course provides an introduction to the field of behavioural insights (BI) and an overview of the key principles that drive human behaviour. In this online BI course you will learn about the growth of behavioural insights across governments and discuss a wide range of examples where behavioural insights have been applied to improve policy outcomes. This online course will also introduce you to a range of practical methods and tools that can be used to apply behavioural insights to develop more effective policies and services, including BIT’s behavioural insights project methodology (TESTS) and solution design framework (EAST).

This behavioural insights course online will be facilitated through an interactive live video link. Registered participants will be able to connect to the video link using Zoom (available free) and a reliable internet connection is required. Video connection details will be made available to each participant prior to the course via Canvas, the UTS Learning Management System (LMS). Course materials, presentations and/or readings will also be made available to participants within Canvas LMS.

What will I learn?

At the completion of this behavioural insights (BI) course you will be able to:

  1. Explain what is meant by behavioural insights.
  2. Describe how, when and why human behaviour deviates from traditional economic models and how this affects policy outcomes.
  3. Illustrate examples of how behavioural insights have been applied in practice to improve policy outcomes.
  4. Identify opportunities to apply behavioural insights to improve policy outcomes within your field.
  5. Apply the TESTS and EAST frameworks to a policy problem

Who is this for?

This BI online course is suitable for those who are interested in behavioural insights but are not yet familiar with the fundamentals and want to explore how a behavioural insights approach can be applied to improve policy outcomes within your field.

How can I sign up?

Enrol now at via the UTS website.

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