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Webinar: Creating a culture of compliance

Organisations are spending millions on their compliance programs, but executives, enforcement agencies and regulators all know that “ticking the box” with policies, procedures and training sessions is not enough. Effective compliance is also dependent on creating a culture that promotes and facilitates positive behaviour and fosters the “psychological safety” needed to report wrongdoing. But how can organisations create and measure a culture of compliance?

In this co-hosted session, we’ll address this question through both a Cultural and Behavioural Science lens, with:

  • A presentation from Dr. Caitlin Handron and Nitish Upadhyaya of Ropes & Gray’s Insights Lab, featuring models and strategies to strengthen and measure compliance culture
  • Case studies from Sasha Tregebov of the Behavioural Insights Team, demonstrating the development and testing of behaviourally-informed interventions to influence employee behaviours
  • A conversation about the evolution of compliance practices and the on-going search for comprehensive measures of culture, featuring Hui Chen (former Compliance Counsel Expert at the U.S. DOJ) and Professor Benjamin Van Rooij (author of The Behavioural Code)

 This free webinar will be of interest to:

  • Compliance officers, looking to make their organisation’s programs more efficient and effective.
  • Regulators and Enforcement agencies, looking to support organisations in their use of new tools, insights and measurement systems to strengthen compliance efforts.

Please follow the link below to register and join us on Wednesday, February 8th (11am NYC, 4pm London).

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