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Behavioural Science in Practice

Hone your Behavioural Insights expertise with the BIT/Warwick Business School 'Behavioural Science in Practice' programme

Times of upheaval and seismic change are when – more than ever – we need to be able to understand human behaviour, and to provide products, services, processes and practices that run with the grain of human behaviour, ensuring the greatest likelihood of success. Behavioural Science as a discipline and practice is changing with this changing world: beyond just ‘nudges’ or listing biases, it provides a deep method of insight into human behaviour and how to influence it at scale. A strong understanding of how to apply behavioural insights should be part of the arsenal of skills and approaches available to any effective executive or senior leader.

Behavioural Science in Practice, a 3-day intense executive programme from the Behavioural Insights Team and Warwick Business School, takes the latest evidence from the academic literature, from the practice of behavioural insights units in governments and businesses globally, and shows in-depth how these insights can be applied in the real world.

Drawing on the decades of experience as a leading Executive Education business school, its world-leading behavioural science faculty, and at its state of the art executive education facility in the Shard, London, Warwick Business School has partnered with the Behavioural Insights Team on this immersive executive programme since 2018, effectively supporting hundreds of executives from across the private, public and third sectors to bring behavioural rigour and relevance to their change projects and initiatives.

Over three days the Behavioural Science in Practice programme follows closely the tried and tested Behavioural Insights Team project process, honed over many hundreds of successful behavioural insights projects around the world since 2010, stepping participants through the key method and tools for practical application, while also giving them advice, tips and case studies from the latest research findings.

Participants in previous cohorts of the programme have joined to improve the formulation of local and national policies, as consultants seeking to achieve social impact and help their clients improve efficiency, as well as senior managers responsible for addressing behavioural challenges in their organisation, and designers and developers creating new products and ventures.

Now is the perfect time to sign up to be part of the impressive next cohort of the programme, on the 23rd – 25th November. All information required to join the November cohort is on this link:

If you have any questions or would like further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with BIT Head of Capability Development and External Training:

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