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Building behavioural science teams

Course overview:

We support governments and organisations looking to establish their own behavioural insights functions. We offer in-depth capability and capacity building programmes to suit various needs. 

Duration: Typically 12-24 months

We work with our partners to determine which aspects of our programmes are most relevant to your needs and ambitions. Our programmes often include the following elements:

Establishing a behavioural insights function

  • We conduct a baseline analysis of current capacity and capability for applying behavioural insights
  • We have identified four basic models for structuring a behavioural insights function – centralised, decentralised, community of practice or partnerships
  • We discuss the benefits and considerations for each model and illustrate examples of each model from our international experience in establishing behavioural insights functions
  • We work with our partners to determine the model most applicable to their specific context and goals

Generating buy-in and sponsorship

  • We coach governments and organisations looking to establish their own behavioural insights functions, on how to generate the buy-in and sponsorship required to galvanise action

Behavioural insights operating model

  • We support governments and organisations to establish the roles and responsibilities of a behavioural insights function
  • We create a Behavioural Insights Toolkit which includes the structures and processes required to run a behavioural insights function within your organisation. Examples of these processes include capacity planning, capability frameworks, project identification process and evaluation processes
  • We determine mechanisms for how the Behavioural Insights Function will interact and collaborate with academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners to achieve the unit ambitions
  • We create appropriate governance models and ethical guidelines

Building behavioural insights capability

  • We assess capability against our Behavioural Insights Capability Framework to determine what capabilities need to be developed
  • For the core team we build behavioural insights capability through blend of experiential and formal learning programmes
  • We provide opportunities for experiential learning through collaboration on behavioural insights projects where we partner to run a behavioural insights project using the BIT’s project methodology
  • This experiential learning is bolstered with a formal training curriculum which is designed based on the capability needs assessment
  • This approach combines the accumulation of experience through delivering projects with structured training modules where participants can articulate and codify the previously accumulated experience
  • We also provide introductory level training to broader teams and stakeholders to enable them to be knowledgeable consumers of behavioural insights