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Behavioural Exchange for Financial Services

The financial services industry is adapting to new and complex challenges. Services and processes are being digitalised. Society and regulators expect the industry to care about more than just profits, and to advance the financial wellbeing of its customers. The industry is being called on to play its part in tackling climate change. Amidst all this, it needs to continue to recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce. At the heart of all of these is behaviour change.

Financial services firms are rightly responding to this by setting up dedicated behavioural and data science teams, driving a more human-centred and data-driven approach to doing business. At the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) we have deep expertise in this area, having collaborated with over 50 leading financial services companies globally, applying behavioural and data science to drive positive impacts for consumers, customers and employees.

We are therefore delighted to be building and leading a consortium of leading behavioural and data science practitioners from financial services firms around the world. Through a one-year programme of talks, workshops, curated research insights and opportunities to connect on- and offline, we are building a network to allow these teams to discuss common challenges they face, and learn from each other and other experts in the field.

We look forward to identifying and harnessing our collective expertise and innovation, to the benefit of the financial services industry, customers and society.

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