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  • 13th Jun 2024

How to show true value in a CV in the gig economy

People in insecure work often accrue valuable skills and experience, even though their  employment history may include frequent job changes, gaps between jobs, or periods of unemployment. 

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  • 10th Jun 2024

Helping employers transition to flexible working

From December all employers in Singapore will have to fairly consider staff requests for flexible working arrangements. This is a big step for the country’s companies – a recent survey found that more than half still maintained a traditional, full work-from-office policy. 

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  • 6th Jun 2024

Hacia la Erradicación del Dengue y otras Enfermedades Vectoriales: Un Enfoque Conductual y Sanitario en América Latina

Las ciencias del comportamiento ofrecen herramientas esenciales para influir en las prácticas y decisiones de las comunidades, promoviendo así un enfoque proactivo para reducir la prevalencia de las enfermedades transmitidas por el mosquito.

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  • 31st May 2024

How media coverage of vaping restrictions might influence public perceptions: insights from a new study

To the disappointment of many anti-smoking campaigners, the Tobacco and Vapes Bill was shelved last week as the UK parliament was suspended ahead of the election in July.  The headline measure would have banned the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 1 January 2009, but the bill would have…

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  • 29th May 2024

Gen Z teens are taking far fewer risks

We look at how teenagers in Great Britain today are taking fewer drugs, gambling less, and having fewer pregnancies than previous generations.

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  • 24th May 2024

Superando la Sequía: Enfoques Innovadores y Soluciones Sostenibles en la Gestión del Agua

Un elemento clave en la búsqueda de prácticas sostenibles de gestión del agua, es la implementación de estrategias que integren las ciencias del comportamiento en el desarrollo de soluciones.

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  • 15th May 2024

Establishing Uruguay's first behavioral unit

Ceibal, the Uruguayan government’s digital technology center for education innovation, embodies these attributes and more. In early 2023, with support from the Inter-American Development Bank, they reached out to BIT for help structuring their own BI unit, the Behavioral Insights/Science Lab.

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  • 15th May 2024

Creación de la primera unidad de ciencias del comportamiento de Uruguay, el Laboratorio de Perspectivas Comportamentales

Ceibal, el centro de innovación educativa con tecnologías digitales del Estado uruguayo,  reúne estas características y más. A principios del 2023, con el apoyo del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, solicitó ayuda al BIT para estructurar su propia unidad de ciencias del comportamiento, el Laboratorio de Perspectivas Comportamentales.

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  • 15th May 2024

Estabelecendo a primeira unidade comportamental do Uruguai

O Ceibal, centro de tecnologia digital do governo uruguaio para inovação educacional, incorpora esses atributos e muito mais. No início de 2023, com o apoio do Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento, eles buscaram a ajuda da BIT para estruturar sua própria unidade de IC, o Laboratório de Insights/Ciências Comportamentais.

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  • 8th May 2024

Let’s get to school!

Ceibal’s Behavioral Science/Insights Lab and BIT made an impact on student absenteeism. A multi-component behavioral intervention reduced primary school absences by an average of 6%, equivalent to 1.7 days per academic year. In total, our intervention led to an additional 16,920 days of school attended.