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  • 3rd Jun 2014

Creating Oppositions in Academia and Policy

Every now and again an article appears in the UK press that we think needs a bit of clarification. One such article appeared in the Observer over the weekend: link.Creating oppositions between academics and organisations is a nice journalistic device – and of course, a well-established pattern in academic journals…

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  • 9th Jun 2014

BX2014 wrap up

Behavioural approaches are really about "restoring common sense to economics". These were the provocative words of Richard Thaler – Professor Behavioral Science and Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and co-author of Nudge – while speaking via video link at BX2014, the world’s first public policy…

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  • 10th Jun 2014

Behavioural Insights and the World Cup: penalty shoot-outs

In the build up to the World Cup, a host of experts in different fields are offering their views on the best way to succeed in a penalty shoot-out. Here, we review the evidence which we hope will help Steven Gerrard’s team to progress in the tournament. In summary:Penalty kicks…

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  • 26th Jun 2014

Building your policy house of brick or straw

Entry by David Halpern, CEO of BIT and the UK's National Adviser on What WorksDo you remember the story of the three little pigs who each build a house? One builds a house of straw, another of sticks, and the other of brick. The first two build their houses very…

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  • 27th Jul 2014

House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee - Behaviour Change

The Behavioural Insights Team welcomes the recent letter from the House of Lords Select Committee, following up its 2011 report on Behaviour Change. We would like to highlight Lord Selbourne’s opening statement on BIT:"The work of the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is to be commended. In particular, we are impressed…

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  • 7th Aug 2014

Press release: new $1m partnership between the Behavioural Insights Team and Harvard

Press release: new $1m partnership between the Behavioural Insights Team and Harvard A new partnership has been established by the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) in the UK and the Behavioural Insights Group (BIG) at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The partnership is supported by…

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  • 3rd Sep 2014

The secret cost of laundry

Purchasing a laundry appliance, such as a washing machine, can be a complicated choice involving lots of different factors. However, consumers may be surprised to find out that the cost of using the appliance is not one of the factors often taken into account. Annual energy consumption, which relates to…

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  • 5th Sep 2014

Empowering consumers in order to reduce mobile phone theft

On 3rd September the Home Secretary announced that we will be publishing a joint BIT/Home Office analysis intended to better inform consumers about mobile phone theft and security. The analysis uses Metropolitan Police Service data to show how offenders disproportionately target certain phones; how these patterns are sensitive to security…

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  • 11th Sep 2014

An analysis of mobile phone theft

Last Sunday, The Behavioural Insights Team and the Home Office published the report "Reducing Mobile Phone Theft and Improving Security". The report provides detailed evidence of which mobile phones are most likely to be stolen, where they are likely to be taken, and who the most typical victims are likely…

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  • 12th Sep 2014

Victoria, Australia, steps up to the Obesity challenge

(Update from David Halpern) A quick report from Victoria Australia, where we are working with VicHealth, before heading back to London tomorrow. The Australians have often led the world on public health measures, so it’s pretty cool to be working with them for the next 2 years, with a special…