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  • EYV Lab project

Face It

Programme type:
School-based social and emotional programme

Evaluation type: Pilot study

Status: In progress

This school-based programme is delivered by therapeutically trained facilitators, combining creative techniques like storytelling, art, debating, and role-play, with the latest developments in neuroscience. It aims to support young people at risk of exclusion over a six-week period.

The programme aims to develop young people’s emotional self-regulation, coping skills and resilience in the short-term. In the longer-term, it aims to improve young people’s mental health and wellbeing, reduce school exclusions, improve school-related outcomes and to prevent antisocial, offending and criminal behaviour. The programme has some promising, early-stage evidence of being well regarded by participants and improving key outcomes.

The Lab will be partnering with Khulisa (programme staff and delivery partners) to conduct a pilot randomised control trial over 2023-24.

Download evaluation protocol (published 14/09/2023)


Download statistical analysis plan (published 18/12/2023)



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