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  • Report
  • 20th Sep 2012

Behavioural Insights Team’s Annual Update 2011/12

  • Blog
  • 29th Nov 2012

Latest behavioural ideas and results from BIT discussions with Harvard academics

Cambridge, Massachusetts, can claim to have one of the most outstanding collections of researchers working on behavioural economics in the world. It's intent on getting even better, not least by marshalling resources across Harvard Business School (HBS), Kennedy School of Government (KSG), and drawing on MIT and Boston University too.…

  • Blog
  • 3rd Dec 2012

Ideas and results from Harvard, part IV

In this post, we share our discussions from Harvard listed under the fourth part of our simple mnemonic, EAST (Easy, Attractive, Social, Timely).T is for TIMELYShop next week for healthier choices. A continued theme in Max Bazerman’s work is around people’s tendency to make more ‘rational’ decisions for the future…

  • Blog
  • 6th Dec 2012

Behavioural Bulletin, 3rd edition

The Behavioural Bulletin summarises a few examples of recent behavioural science research that we've come across. Below are the first three editions. Feel free to comment on the effects or methodologies of the papers cited, or recommend others to us! Behavioural Bulletin, 1st edition Behavioural Bulletin, 2nd edition Behavioural Bulletin,…

  • Blog
  • 19th Dec 2012

Designing interventions in partnership with the people who are going to deliver them

One of Professor Thaler's mantras is "we can't do evidence based policy without evidence". As a team, we are keen advocates of the use of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in government. But when talking about our trials we are often confronted with the question: "How do you decide what to…

  • Blog
  • 6th Feb 2013

Guardian interview with the Director of the Behavioural Insights Team

Read an interview with Dr David Halpern, BIT Director, in today's Guardian. There is also an article about the team in yesterday's Japan Times.

  • Blog
  • 11th Feb 2013

Telegraph article on the Behavioural Insights Team

Today's Telegraph reports on some of the team's work over the past two years, including: increasing the rate of tax payment; increasing the uptake of loft insulation; helping to get job seekers back into work.

  • Blog
  • 28th Feb 2013

Behavioural Bulletin 4

The fourth edition of the Behavioural Bulletin is now available.

  • Blog
  • 20th Mar 2013

Communicating best practice

This month the government announced plans to set up "What Works" centres to gather, review, and disseminate best practice across a number of policy areas.Dissemination of research findings, particularly in an age of devolution, is of critical importance. Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs), which are easy to understand (compared with other,…

  • Report
  • 14th Jun 2013

Test, Learn, Adapt: Developing Public Policy with Randomised Controlled Trials

Test, Learn, Adapt is a paper which the Behavioural Insights Team is publishing in collaboration with Ben Goldacre and David Torgerson.