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  • Academic publication
  • 1st Dec 2014

I’ve booked you a place. Good luck: a field experiment applying behavioural science to improve attendance at high-impact recruitment events

Finding a job, especially in a recovering economy, is challenging and success is reliant upon effective job-search activity.

  • Academic publication
  • 13th Feb 2015

Curbing Adult Student Attrition: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Roughly 20% of adults in the OECD lack basic numeracy and literacy skills. In the UK, many colleges offer fully government subsidized adult education programs to improve these skills.

  • Blog
  • 22nd Dec 2015

Happy holidays to our stateside cousins - Inside the Nudge Unit is available in the USA!

We’ve known for some time that across countries labour productivity per hour is negatively correlated with hours worked. Just to check, we ran a seasonally festive correlation between labour productivity and average days of holiday taken by country, which also showed a modest negative correlation (about -0.12 in the data we…

  • Blog
  • 4th Feb 2016

Stories from the States

As part of BIT North America’s work with the Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities initiative, we have launched ten randomized control trials in six cities from Kentucky to California in the last six months. While we wait for the results, we thought we’d share three stories that shed some light…

  • Blog
  • 24th Oct 2016

Behavioral Insights and the City

From ancient Athens to modern New York, cities have long provided crucibles for human interaction, thriving and faltering in equal measure on the density and diversity of the lives within them. With 2 out of every 3 of us set to live in cities by 2050, it is hardly surprising…

  • Academic publication
  • 20th Apr 2017

Using text reminders to increase attendance and attainment: Evidence from a field experiment

In a large-scale field experiment, we use text message reminders to increase student attendance and attainment within UK government-sponsored literacy and numeracy programs for adults.

  • Report
  • 1st Oct 2018

From Intentions to Action: The Science Behind Giving Behaviours

This was a collaboration between The Rideau Hall Foundation and the Behavioural Insights Team

  • Blog
  • 14th Jan 2019

Behavioural insights and the Long Term Plan for the NHS

Last week the UK government published its Long Term Plan for the NHS, an ambitious programme of work to make the health service fit for the future, saving hundreds of thousands of lives, and adding 5 years to life expectancy by 2030.

  • Blog
  • 7th Feb 2019

How can we support mental health patients on waiting lists?

One in three Britons will have a diagnosable mental health problem in any given year

  • Blog
  • 20th Feb 2019

'Tips by Text' project to support parents in early learning

BIT & EEF partner up to support parents in early learning process