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Applying Behavioural Insights to Key Policy Areas

Who we are

BIT is a global research consultancy which uses a deep understanding of human behaviour and evaluation to achieve social impact. We are the world’s largest group of behavioural scientists working to solve practical challenges and we draw from our experience running trials and generating evidence on what works in 1,500+ global projects across 70+ countries. 

What this programme teaches

This one-day programme combines theory and practical application to introduce participants to the basics of behavioural insights. We will share actual behavioural projects BIT has run to demonstrate the impact that applying behavioural science can have across different domains. 

How we teach

This course is set up to allow for interaction and hands-on applied learning. We use what we know about how people learn best and create change in organisations to design and deliver this course. 

Who should attend?

Participants attending this programme may not currently be using behavioural insights in their work but could be interested in exploring the behavioural sciences as an innovative tool to address policy/ communications/ service delivery challenges. This course is ideal for:

  • Public and private sector personnel with basic to no knowledge of BI
  • Individuals who are keen to explore different approaches to communications and policy-making
  • Designers working on service- and programme-delivery

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Gain a general introduction into what behavioural insights is;
  • Gain a general insight into some of the trials BIT has run around the world; and
  • Become more aware of how behavioural insights might be applicable to solving a behavioural challenge they face 


Dr. Serene Koh

Serene oversees Singapore’s domestic consultancy work and capability development programme in the region. She helped to set up the Singapore office in 2016 and has led more than 200 behavioural projects across various policy domains including water conservation, academic stress, and youth rehabilitation. Serene has deep expertise in training and capability building– to date, she has delivered training workshops to more than 5000 civil servants, NGO practitioners, and private sector partners in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.Serene has shared behavioural change insights with media outlets across the region including Channel News Asia and the South China Morning Post on topics such as vaccine uptakesafe driving, and general civic behaviours. Most recently, Serene contributed to the CNA documentary series, ‘Nudge’ on how behavioural insights can help encourage behaviours such as positive digital habits and exercise.Before BIT, Serene was a researcher with the Ministry of Communications and Information where she led the department’s work in behavioural and social research. Serene holds a Masters in Research Methodology and Ph.D. in Education from the University of Michigan.

Rachel Lim

Rachel works across a range of behavioural projects and policy areas, and has serviced clients across Asia-Pacific, US and UK portfolios. Her areas of focus include applying behavioural insights to strengthening communities and encouraging prosocial behaviours, improving healthcare services, and enhancing conservation and sustainability efforts. Rachel is involved in delivering all aspects of BIT’s work relating to research, design, and evaluation of behavioural policy and interventions. Prior to joining the team, she was a consultant who worked with government agencies and private sector clients to improve public services and organisational processes. Her past projects also include policy and behavioural work on employment, national security, and community resilience. Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Psychology from the National University of Singapore.

Our course for April 2024 is currently full, but contact us to learn more about future trainings.