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Applied, BIT’s first tech spin out, is a people platform focused on using behavioural and data science to improve hiring decisions.  Applied uses (and conducts!) research to design products that help teams to hire smarter, fairer and more diversely than ever.

Since its launch in 2016, 70,000 candidates have applied to jobs through the platform which involves being tested on job relevant tasks, rather than CVs or pedigree.In the past year, Applied has expanded to service over 60 organisations including government departments in the UK and abroad, start ups, and large corporates like Hilton, Penguin Random House, and GroupM and recruited for an array of jobs ranging from product managers to ministerial speechwriters, interns to Chief Marketing Officers.

In addition to scaling the platform and  successfully securing VC backing, 2018 saw the Applied team expand its product into better interviews and tools to improve the inclusivity of the language teams use in job descriptions, amongst other things.

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