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Marta Garnelo Caamano

Principal Advisor, Latin America and Caribbean

Marta is a Principal Advisor at BIT Americas. She works with government agencies and international organizations to design interventions informed by behavioral science and rigorously evaluate its impact to inform policy decisions.

Her research expands a diverse set of policy areas. Since joining the team in 2016, Marta has worked on promoting formalization and tax compliance in Mexico and Guatemala; gender-based violence in Egypt, Georgia and Chile; financial inclusion in Mexico; and on education in Peru and Chile. She has collaborated with a wide range of partners, including the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, and the President’s Office in Mexico.

Prior to BIT, she worked as a Senior Policy Associate at MIT’s Poverty Action Lab, leading its activities to promote evidence informed policymaking in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and Paraguay. Among her major projects was supporting the establishment of MineduLab, the first unit dedicated to implementing low cost innovation using behavioral science in Latin America.

Marta holds a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard Kennedy School. She graduated with a concentration in Economic Analysis of Public Policy, Behavioral and Data Science. While at Harvard, she was a Fulbright Scholar and a Real Colegio Complutense Fellow. She holds two undergraduate degrees in Law and Political Science and Public Administration from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.