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Programme type:
School-based dating-, relationship- and gender-based violence prevention.

Evaluation type: Feasibility study

Status: In progress

STOP is a new school-based intervention designed to prevent dating and relationship violence (DRV) and gender-based violence (GBV). It will draw on two well established approaches.  The first, Shifting Boundaries, is a US developed intervention with classroom and structural elements which has been shown to tackle DRV and GBV.  The second, Learning Together, is an anti-bullying intervention which has made use of  student-staff action groups to develop a school-wide approach.

The primary aim of this project is to test if the intervention is feasible and could progress to a larger scale impact evaluation, which would seek to measure the impact of the intervention on DRV and GBV victimisation and perpetration.

The project will be led by Professor G J Melendez Torres with the Sex Education Forum as the delivery partner. The project is being co-funded by Bridges Impact Foundation.

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