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  • Academic publication
  • 25th Oct 2014

The Use of Descriptive Norms in Public Administration: A Panacea for Improving Citizen Behaviours?

Recent years have seen a growth in the use of social norm messages by local and national governments. These messages have been primarily used to induce desired behaviours among the non-compliant minority by pointing to the compliance of the majority.

  • Blog
  • 27th Jul 2014

House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee - Behaviour Change

The Behavioural Insights Team welcomes the recent letter from the House of Lords Select Committee, following up its 2011 report on Behaviour Change. We would like to highlight Lord Selbourne‚Äôs opening statement on BIT:"The work of the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is to be commended. In particular, we are impressed…

  • Academic publication
  • 1st Mar 2014

The Behavioralist As Tax Collector: Using Natural Field Experiments to Enhance Tax Compliance

Tax collection problems date back to the earliest recorded history of mankind. This paper begins with a simple theoretical construct of paying (rather than declaring) taxes, which we argue has been an overlooked aspect of tax compliance.

  • Blog
  • 17th Dec 2013

Paper of the week: using Post-It notes to increase survey responses

The paper we would like to highlight this week is a great example of how research can be transferred into practice. Garner (2005) tested the impact of attaching a Post-it note with a hand-written request to survey materials. The study found that the note roughly doubled response rates (76%, compared…