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  • Press release
  • 12th Jul 2019

The Behavioural Insights Team to open first Canadian office

World’s first nudge unit set to launch office in Toronto for Canadian projects

  • BIT Office


Our Canada office, which opened in October 2019, works with all levels of government–municipal, provincial, and federal–as well as nonprofits and foundations from coast to coast. Our new local presence enables us to expand on a track record of successful work with clients including the Government of Canada, Government of British…

  • Blog
  • 17th Sep 2019

Improving investment fee disclosures through behavioural insights

If you are an investor, do you know how much your investment dealer receives in fees for the services they provide to you? If not, you are certainly not alone.

  • Blog
  • 8th Jan 2020

BIT Canada’s New Year’s Resolution - create a unicorn 🦄

The world needs more Canada." - Barack Obama There has been a flurry of activity since we opened our doors in Canada on October 1, 2019. Now, as our friends and colleagues do some end-of-year reflecting and new year goal-setting, we feel compelled to do the same.  Our new Canadian…

  • Report
  • 14th May 2020

COVID-19 Canadian Healthcare Needs Surveyed

On behalf of the McConnell Foundation and its partners, BIT surveyed Canadian healthcare leaders to identify critical organizational and individual needs for their work to address COVID-19 challenges.

  • Article

Behavioural insights for community-based organisations

  • Blog
  • 2nd Nov 2020

How behavioural insights helped Canadians access their tax benefits

Every year, thousands of lower income Canadian families miss out on about $5,000 in benefits and refunds because they do not file their taxes. It is easy to understand why. Tax filing can be burdensome and complex. It is voluntary if you do not owe any money, and the benefits…

  • Blog
  • 22nd Apr 2021

Vaccine communications: Equipping community advocates with behavioural science principles

How can governments, nonprofits, and others promote vaccine uptake among people that are questioning or hesitant? 

  • Blog
  • 30th Nov 2021

Making employment services work for job seekers

Most people have been unemployed at some point in their lives. It can be a profoundly demotivating experience.

  • Blog
  • 31st Jan 2022

The rise of evidence-based policymaking?

Last week saw the publication of the Evidence Commission report from the Global Commission on Evidence. The recommendation that is most likely to attract attention is the call for governments and Foundations to benchmark at least 1% of spend on R&D -  experimentation, evaluation, and the strengthening of the evidence-building…