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  • Blog
  • 15th Jun 2020

Life after lockdown: an opportunity for change?

Widespread lockdown, it turns out, has presented many of us with an unexpected opportunity to make positive changes to our lives.

  • Blog
  • 28th Feb 2020

Providing a substitute for single-use plastics in the Pacific

With 240kg of plastic waste entering the ocean every second, the need to radically reduce single-use plastics has never been more urgent. 

  • Person

Leah Everist

Leah is a Senior Advisor in BIT’s New York office, where she leads BIT's portfolio of collaborations with US States. She works with leaders and teams around the country from a variety of policy areas on using behavioral insights to improve the inclusiveness and effectiveness of programs that serve the…

  • Press release
  • 30th Jan 2020

A Menu For Change - Sustainable Eating For All

LONDON, 30 JANUARY 2020 - The Behavioural Insights Team has today released A Menu for Change, a landmark report that takes a detailed and comprehensive look at how diets and food can be made more sustainable on a global basis. 

  • Person

Dr Bowen J Fung

Bowen is a Senior Research Advisor in our Sydney office. His work focuses on public health, sustainability and the effective use of data to gain new insights. Bowen completed a PhD in cognitive science at the University of Melbourne. His thesis looked at how time perception is incorporated into different…

  • Blog
  • 29th Jan 2020

A Menu for Change - 12 ways to make diets greener

For many people, January is a timely moment to change their routine. Perhaps you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people – among them many MPs – to sign up for Veganuary. Although we are not advocating for everyone to become completely vegan, we made the case in our…

  • Report
  • 29th Jan 2020

A Menu for Change

In this report we make the case for a global shift towards more sustainable and healthier diets. Using the latest and most well-evidenced behavioural science, we have outlined 12 strategies for promoting sustainable diets.

  • Person

Dr Lourdes Valencia Torres

Lourdes is an Advisor at the Local Places and Communities team and is based in Manchester. Lourdes works on all areas of policy including early years, homelessness, health, employment, and environment. Her area of expertise lies in applying experimental psychology and research methodology to guide policy. Prior to joining BIT,…

  • Person

Tim Hardy

Tim is a Research Advisor in the Research and Evaluations team. He works on experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations across a variety of policy areas such as energy and sustainability, equality and diversity, local government and services, and work and the economy. Before joining BIT, Tim completed an MPhil in Economics…

  • Person

Saul Wodak

Saul is an Associate Advisor in our Sydney office. Saul joined the Behavioural Insights Team after completing an MSc in Behaviour Change at University College London, with a primary research focus on pro-environmental behaviour change and sustainable food consumption. Saul also has a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of…