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  • Blog
  • 27th Oct 2020

BIT France opens its doors 🇫🇷

In a time where offices might seem like a distant reality, BIT has just opened a brand new office in Paris. 

Also available in: Français

  • Blog
  • 27th Oct 2020

BIT France ouvre ses portes 🇫🇷

Alors que pour certains d’entre nous le concept de bureau peut sembler une idée distante, le Behavioural Insights Team vient d’ouvrir son premier bureau à Paris (et par la même occasion en Europe continentale !).

Also available in: English

  • Report
  • 21st Sep 2020

El pequeño libro de los estímulos verdes

El libro es el primero del PNUMA sobre ciencias del comportamiento y teoría del estímulo, que se centra en las acciones humanas y cómo cambiarlas, y fue redactado con The Behavioral Insights Team y GRID-Arendal. Contiene 40 estímulos listos para usar, medidas simples que facilitan la toma de decisiones ecológicas,…

Also available in: English

  • Person

Laura Callender

Laura is an Advisor at BIT Canada. Prior to joining BIT, Laura worked on the behavioural insights team of a mobile health app, integrating behavioural science theories and techniques into digital public health programming, and has worked in various research labs on topics such as physical activity and nutrition. Laura…

  • Report
  • 2nd Sep 2020

The Little Book of Green Nudges

The Little Book of Green Nudges contains evidence-based guidance on implementing nudges, centered around techniques such as resetting default options, changing the framing of choices, and harnessing social influence. It also includes case studies of nudging interventions rolled out at universities from Thailand to Kenya, Finland and Colombia.

Also available in: Español

  • Press release
  • 1st Sep 2020

UNEP launches “Green Nudges” programme for universities

The Little Book of Green Nudges provides campus leaders across the world new tools to make their schools more sustainable

  • Blog
  • 6th Jul 2020

Speaking to consumers unlocked insights into how we can help them save on energy

As the economic effects of COVID-19 become more apparent, consumers are cutting back on spending. Energy bills are often an area where many people can make savings. However, navigating this market can be a difficult task. Information is often presented in confusing ways that make it harder for people to…

  • Person

Elliot Hoffman

As a Program Manager with BIT, Elliot supports operations across a diverse portfolio of social impact projects focused on improving health, sustainability, and mobility for people and cities in the U.S. and internationally. Prior to joining BIT, Elliot served in a strategic support function at a global investment firm where…

  • Report
  • 26th Jun 2020

Effective information provision on smart home technology

The energy market is changing. Decarbonisation and the data revolution are driving the development of new products and services that may significantly changing the way consumers engage with their energy consumption. One result of these developments are complex products like smart battery storage. These are products that could interact with…

  • Blog
  • 22nd Jun 2020

Using behavioral insights to combat PPE litter

Most Americans are now wearing face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (although political, regional, and racial differences remain). The rapid adoption of PPE is encouraging, but cities and businesses are now dealing with an unintended consequence: an increase in PPE litter.