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  • Blog
  • 16th Oct 2019

Don’t tell me what to eat!

The prospect of the state meddling with our diets is not welcomed by everyone – our food preferences are so deeply personal, aren’t they?

  • Report
  • 22nd Oct 2019

Increasing volunteer retention in West Java

The aim of this project was to encourage volunteers to take a more active role in the local government’s ‘Eco Village’ programme. We designed a two-arm randomised controlled trial, through which we tested longer monthly messages about environmental challenges (Treatment 1) compared to short, weekly messages that drew on behavioural…

  • Person

Sebastian Salomon-Ballada

Sebastian is a Senior Advisor at the Behavioural Insights Team. He is a founding member of BIT’s Canadian office and currently leads applied behavioural science projects across the Americas, with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. He has advised over 15 government agencies in the region on the…

  • Academic publication
  • 1st Dec 2019

Free riding or discounted riding? How the framing of a bike share offer impacts offer-redemption

We report the results of an experiment to increase use of a municipal bike sharing system. Two distinct groups – those who had newly moved close to a bike station (N=3,500) and those who lived in the vicinity of a newly built bike station (N=7,000) – were randomly assigned to…

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Saul Wodak

Saul is an Associate Advisor in our Sydney office. Saul joined the Behavioural Insights Team after completing an MSc in Behaviour Change at University College London, with a primary research focus on pro-environmental behaviour change and sustainable food consumption. Saul also has a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of…

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Dr Zac Baynham-Herd

Zac is an Advisor in our energy and sustainability team. Prior to BIT, Zac completed his doctorate at the University of Edinburgh, where he researched behavioural interventions in conservation, including using an experimental public-goods game in Tanzania. During that time, he also conducted a placement in Ogilvy Consulting’s Behavioural Science…

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Dr Lourdes Valencia Torres

Lourdes is an Advisor at the Local Places and Communities team and is based in Manchester. Lourdes works on all areas of policy including early years, homelessness, health, employment, and environment. Her area of expertise lies in applying experimental psychology and research methodology to guide policy. Prior to joining BIT,…

  • Blog
  • 29th Jan 2020

A Menu for Change - 12 ways to make diets greener

For many people, January is a timely moment to change their routine. Perhaps you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people – among them many MPs – to sign up for Veganuary. Although we are not advocating for everyone to become completely vegan, we made the case in our…

  • Report
  • 29th Jan 2020

A Menu for Change

In this report we make the case for a global shift towards more sustainable and healthier diets. Using the latest and most well-evidenced behavioural science, we have outlined 12 strategies for promoting sustainable diets.

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Bowen J Fung

Bowen is a Research Advisor in our Sydney office. His work focuses on public health, sustainability and using innovative statistical methods to gain new insights. Bowen completed a PhD in cognitive science at the University of Melbourne. His thesis looked at how time perception is incorporated into different decision-making processes.…