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Benji Horwell

Benji is a Senior Advisor in our Health and Wellbeing team. His work at BIT spans multiple policy areas, but his main focus is on public health, particularly vaping, smoking cessation and physical activity. Prior to BIT, Benji managed an online cognitive behaviour therapy service and worked as a Psychological…

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Sam Glaser-Nolan

Sam is an Associate Advisor at BIT Americas based in Washington, DC, where he applies behavioral science to improve state and federal government operations, policies, and programs. Most recently, Sam worked in the University of California, Berkeley's The People Lab, striving to transform the public sector, by producing cutting-edge research on the people in government…

  • Press release
  • 8th Apr 2021

Rent Guarantees could be key to help Universal Credit claimants unlock the private rental market

Rent guarantees and upfront cash payments from local authorities are most effective in opening up the private rented sector for people receiving benefits according to major new research from the Centre for Homelessness Impact, the Behavioural Insights Team and the National Residential Landlords Association. The study found these approaches had the greatest…

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  • 8th Apr 2021

Results from (probably) the first behavioural experiments with landlords in the UK

There is a growing need to establish effective ways to encourage private landlords to let properties to those on Universal Credit, both from a property owner and renter point of view. To address the dearth of evidence in this space, we ran two online randomised controlled trials, using our experiment platform…

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  • 11th Mar 2021

Increasing take up of free childcare to improve outcomes in Greater Manchester

One of the ways HMG encourages parents to put their children in early education is through the free early education entitlement for two-year-olds (also known as the two year old offer), which gives low income parents and parents of children with special educational needs up to 15 hours of free…

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David Lim

David is an Advisor in the Singapore office working across a diverse set of fields, with an interest in consumer financial behaviours. Prior to joining the team, he was a management associate at OCBC Bank working within and across multiple departments. David holds a First Class Honours B.Soc.Sc in Economics…

  • Blog
  • 18th Feb 2021

Helping local economies rebuild after COVID-19 - collecting evidence on what works

Before the pandemic the UK had some of the highest levels of regional inequality in the developed world. The coronavirus pandemic  has exacerbated existing differences, for example unemployment has risen four times as much in Blackpool as in Cambridge. Manchester (where BIT North is based, and I live) has been…

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Laura Zatz

Laura Zatz is a Senior Advisor at BIT Americas. Her work focuses on applying behavioral insights to improve policies and programs in the domains of public health, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Previously, Laura worked at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service where she oversaw contracts and…

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  • 6th Nov 2020

Applying behavioural insights to public transport pricing complexity

Navigating the pricing structures of public transport systems in new cities is something even experienced travellers dread. There’s lots of different things to think about: the mode of transport you’d like to use; the distance you’re travelling; and even time of day changes to transport fares. We worked with Infrastructure Victoria…

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Nick Baker

Nick is an advisor in BIT's New York office focusing on projects with local governments and private sector clients. Since joining BIT, Nick has advised the trucking industry on how to promote safe and fuel-efficient driving, encouraged residents to take advantage of digital government services, and assisted local governments in…