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Luke Timmons

Senior Advisor, Labor

Luke is a Senior Advisor at BIT Americas. Prior to joining BIT, Luke was a Sr Strategist at Stand Together Foundation where he led the investment strategy development for the organization’s venture philanthropy initiatives.

Previously, Luke has worked in various policy and research positions in London and Glasgow in his native United Kingdom. Luke started his career at the Dartington Social Research Unit focusing on evidence-based policy and research concerning early childhood and adolescence, overseeing multiple randomized controlled trials and census-level data projects.

Following this, Luke was a founding director and senior researcher at Ratio Research, a small consulting group focused on relational social policy and its implications for communities. Luke was also a senior researcher at the London think tank the Royal Society of Arts where he worked with the organization’s Public Services and Communities team on projects focused on policy concerning universal basic income and small business public sector procurement. Luke holds an MA(Hons) in psychology from the University of Glasgow.