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EAST Framework: Four Simple Ways to Apply Behavioural Insights

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  • 11th Apr 2014

One of the key objectives of the Behavioural Insights Team at its creation in 2010 was to spread the understanding of behavioural approaches across the policy community.

Alongside the policy work and trials conducted by the Team over the last three years, we have conducted many seminars, workshops and talks with policymakers, academics and practitioners.

The EAST Framework

From these many sessions, together with our trials and policy work, has emerged a simple, pragmatic framework: the EAST framework. EAST stands for Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely.

Though we do not claim that EAST is a comprehensive summary of all there is to know about behavioural science, we do think that for busy policymakers, the EAST framework is an accessible, simple way to make more effective and efficient policy.

Applying EAST Behavioural Insights to Policy

The EAST Framework is an acronym that provides policymakers with an easy-to-follow outline for using Behavioural Insights to optimise their work and workplace policy.

The acronym EAST stands for Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely, all of the things your public policy should include when using Behavioural Insights for your business.

EAST Framework Cards

When taking part in one of our workshops or training programmes at BIT you will receive access to our EAST Training Cards, providing expert insights, advice and policy using our EAST Framework.

Access to our Framework for EAST is the ideal resource for creating policy using Behavioural Insights with a simple and easy-to-follow framework that helps you to optimise your business policy and boost your business.

Our Framework has been used and utilised by many businesses since its creation.

Minister for Government Policy, Oliver Letwin, said:

“The behavioural science literature can be complex, so having a simple framework which policymakers can easily access and apply is invaluable. As the Minister responsible for Government Policy, I’ve seen how some of these insights can be applied in practice to help generate policy that’s smarter, simpler and is highly cost-effective.”

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, said:

“The publication of this framework, only two months after we announced the spin out of the Behavioural Insights Team into a mutual joint venture, is a clear sign that this new business model will deliver results both for policymakers and for citizens. Giving the team the freedom to meet demand from across the public and private sectors, not just in the UK but overseas, is enabling more people to benefit from their work – and our retained stake means that their success is also a win for hardworking taxpayers.”


Discover EAST Behavioural Insights with BIT

At The Behavioural Insights Team, we work with businesses and citizens to implement quality Behavioural Insights. Find out more about our policies and areas of expertise, or check out our blog for more information on the work we do.

Download our handy guide today to discover the EAST Framework and its implementation plan from BIT.

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