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  • Vacancy
  • Deadline for applications: 5th Aug 2024

Executive & Project Support Officer

We are recruiting for an Executive & Project Support Officer located in our Sydney, Australia office

  • Vacancy
  • UK - Manchester
  • UK - London
  • Deadline for applications: 5th Aug 2024

Senior Advisor - Energy & Sustainability

We are looking for a Senior Advisor to join our Energy & Sustainability cluster.

  • Vacancy
  • Deadline for applications: 4th Aug 2024

Project Support Officer

We are recruiting for a Project Support Officer based in our Singapore office

  • Report
  • 17th Jul 2024

Review of Online Choice Architecture and Vulnerability

Commissioned by Citizens Advice, this report explores how online choices architecture disproportionately harm vulnerable consumers, recommending this architecture and vulnerability should be addressed together to protect consumers.

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Mission Public

BIT is working with Nesta to support the adoption of mission-driven approaches for organisations to pursue stretching, long-term ambitions.

  • Blog
  • 15th Jul 2024

How BIT can help with missions

A new government in the UK brings a new approach and for Labour that means missions.

  • Blog
  • 15th Jul 2024

What are the chances? Insights on gambling advertising from an accidental experiment

Adding odds information in an easy-to-understand format (“lose £7 for every £100 bet on average”) to slot game adverts slightly increased demand and trust in a recent online experiment. An increase in demand is surprising, but might be explained by people’s aversion to ambiguity or limited understanding of odds information.

  • Blog
  • 11th Jul 2024

How can we reach non-English speakers for cancer screenings?

Not everyone takes advantage of screening when they’re eligible, and groups with language and cultural barriers get screened even less.

  • Blog
  • 9th Jul 2024

How do you know that? Someone on Reddit told me

Forums are one of the oldest forms of online communication, where people can freely ask questions - from the weird and wonderful, to practical advice from strangers.

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Investigating how to build productivity habits among SME leaders: participant privacy notice

Introduction  The goal of this research project is to develop and test whether a mobile application to support SME (small medium enterprise) business leaders with strategic planning, is effective.  Our research is being funded by The University of Manchester.  Contact details  For the purposes of this Project, Behavioural Insights Ltd…