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Sebastian Salomon-Ballada

Sebastian is a Principal Advisor in the International Team. Since joining BIT in 2019, he has worked on a broad range of policy areas including gender equality, health and wellbeing, poverty reduction, employment, and financial inclusion. Sebastian has 6 years experience running social impact projects and has advised over 50…

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  • 4th Nov 2019

Beyond disclosure

This month, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) published their report calling time on disclosures.This leaves us with a hard question: if disclosure isn’t enough, where should financial regulators look next?

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  • 19th Dec 2019

How many people really understand inflation and interest rates?

BIT and the Bank of England have been working on how to improve public trust in and understanding of the Bank’s activities.

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  • 17th Jan 2020

Increasing economic mobility in US cities

Earlier this year, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Ballmer Group launched a new program to increase economic mobility in a number of US cities. This program is part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative, which helps local governments improve residents' lives by using data…

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Eleanor Collerton

Eleanor is a senior advisor within the financial behaviour team at BIT. Eleanor leads projects within the Gambling Policy and Research Unit at BIT, which explores how behavioural insights can be applied to reduce gambling harm. Whilst at BIT Eleanor has worked across a range of policy areas and has…

  • Blog
  • 13th Feb 2020

The world in simulation - building evidence using an online laboratory

As a reader of our blog, chances are that you’ve heard of Daniel Kahneman. An Israeli economist and author, Kahneman was awarded the Nobel prize in 2002 for his seminal work, Thinking Fast and Slow, which explored human decision making from the prism of economics. Who you may be less…

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  • 20th Mar 2020

#JustSaveIt - Encouraging Usage of Agent-Based Bank Accounts to Improve Financial Inclusion

We partnered with UN Pulse Lab Jakarta and the Secretariat of the Indonesian National Council for Financial Inclusion to increase financial inclusion in Indonesia. For true financial inclusion to occur, financial services such as bank accounts need to be useful and accessible to people who own them. While 56% of…

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Maggie McNease

Maggie is an Advisor based in New York. Her work primarily focuses on helping local and city governments embed evaluation practices and apply behavioral insights to policy. Before joining BIT, Maggie worked as a Community Economic Development Volunteer for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic where she consulted on…

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  • 14th Apr 2020

The forgotten frontline: four ways you can help food delivery workers during the COVID-19 crisis

Ten years ago, UberEats and Deliveroo did not exist, now they’re multi-billion dollar global businesses. Today food delivery workers make it much easier for many of us to comply with social distancing rules amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. A quick look at Google Search trends suggests they must be: Deliveroo, Uber…

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  • 5th May 2020

The perception of fairness of algorithms and proxy information in financial services

We partnered with the the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation to investigate how people respond to the use of algorithms in personal finances.