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Ruth Persian

Ruth Persian heads up BIT UK’s Financial Behaviour Team and Gambling Policy & Research Unit (GPRU). She has extensive experience in designing behavioural insights interventions and impact evaluations, having worked on over 15 behavioural insights projects in more than 10 countries, covering policy areas from revenue collection to financial inclusion.…

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Nida Broughton

Nida Broughton is co-Director of Economic Policy at the Behavioural Insights Team. She oversees BIT's work across consumer policy, business regulation, economic growth, sustainability and EDI. Nida and her team work with partners across the public, private and third sector to apply behavioural science to tackle social impact challenges: improving…

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Eleanor Collerton

Eleanor is a senior advisor within the financial behaviour team at BIT. Eleanor leads projects within the Gambling Policy and Research Unit at BIT, which explores how behavioural insights can be applied to reduce gambling harm. Whilst at BIT Eleanor has worked across a range of policy areas and has…

  • Blog
  • 24th Nov 2020

Making gambling safer: improving the uptake and design of tools to help people control their gambling

In 2017, the Behavioural Insights Team was commissioned by GambleAware to explore whether behavioural science could help to reduce risky gambling. We set out on a wide range of research activities to investigate the topic, such as literature reviews, data analysis and behavioural audits of online operators.

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  • 20th Jan 2021

Making gambling safer: deposit limit tools and the anchoring effect

The Behavioural Insights Team has today launched its new report on how to improve the industry-standard safer gambling tools that are designed to help people control how much they spend. We found that people who gamble reduce their spending limits by almost half once industry-set options are removed from view.…

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Tom O'Keeffe

Tom is a Senior Research Advisor in the Environment, Productivity, Innovation and Consumers team. Prior to joining BIT, Tom worked as an independent economics consultant for various clients, including the World Bank and UK Government. He has worked on research projects in the UK and internationally covering topics in public…

  • Blog
  • 4th Aug 2021

Making gambling safer: Can deposit limit tools be improved with commitment devices?

This is blog 3 in our series highlighting BIT’s work to-date on how behavioural insights may be useful in reducing gambling harms through safer gambling tool innovation. Previous blogs in this series cover our field trials on improving the uptake of safer gambling tools, and how high anchors may influence…

  • Press release
  • 15th Sep 2021

Behavioural Insights Team launches Gambling Policy & Research Unit

The Gambling Policy & Research Unit is a dedicated team of specialists with a mandate to develop and rigorously test methods and approaches that will significantly reduce harms in the UK’s £14 billion gambling market

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Louis Shaw

Louis is part of the research team at BIT, working primarily with the Gambling Policy and Research Unit (GPRU). He is mostly involved in the design and evaluation of behavioural interventions with gambling operators and banking firms to reduce gambling-related harms. Prior to joining BIT, Louis studied the MPhil in…

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Lauren Leak-Smith

Lauren is a Senior Advisor in consumer and business markets, based in the London office. Part of her role involves a specialism in reducing gambling-related harms within BIT's Gambling Policy and Research Unit. Prior to joining BIT, Lauren was a Behavioural Insights Analyst at Ofgem, working across energy decarbonisation, compliance,…