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Combatting sexual harassment and violence; economic policy-making

In this latest episode of Inside The Nudge Unit BIT’s Aisling Colclough and Lis Costa look at two more major areas of work by the team around the world. First they are joined by colleagues Dr Vera Newman and Monica Wills Silva to explore BIT projects in Australia and Latin America looking at the role behavioural insights can play in helping reduce sexual harassment and violence against women on university campuses and in the home.

Secondly Nida Broughton and Ravi Dutta-Powell join Lis and Aisling to discuss their recent thought leadership work on how applying a behavioural and experimental lens to economic policy-making can bring substantial benefits to all.

The 2019 report referred to by Monica on applying behavioral insights to Intimate Partner Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean is available here:

You can find out more about the work discussed in Australia on encouraging bystanders to sexual harassment to take action here:

BIT has also been doing some similar work in Bangladesh on reducing sexual harassment on public transport which you can read about here: and download the full report here:

The two reports discussed by Nida and Ravi are available here:

The Behavioural Economy – 10 evidenced-based strategies for policymakers, regulators and researchers:

Making Markets Better – A policy manifesto for Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia:


Production and editing by Andy Hetherington

Music by Rich O’Brien