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Mariana Bello

Mariana is Project Coordinator in the Home Affairs, Security and Education team, optimising project operations and resource management to ensure efficiency and compliance. Previously, she contributed significantly to social welfare in Chile while working in the public sector. At FOSIS, she implemented a management model that supports 140,000 families annually,…

  • Blog
  • 6th Feb 2024

“Together for a safer internet”: how and why we should put children and young people at the heart of designing future internet policy

Today is Safer Internet Day, raising awareness globally of a safer and better internet for all, especially for children and young people. Lis Costa, Managing Director of BIT UK, considers how we might make this year’s theme of “Together for a safer internet” a meaningful reality. 

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 4th Oct 2021

Combatting sexual harassment and violence; economic policy-making

In this latest episode of Inside The Nudge Unit BIT’s Aisling Colclough and Lis Costa look at two more major areas of work by the team around the world. First they are joined by colleagues Dr Vera Newman and Monica Wills Silva to explore BIT projects in Australia and Latin…

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Leonie Nicks

Leonie is Head of Crime, Security & Justice. Her team focuses on making life safer and more secure. In her previous experience at BIT, she has worked with a wide range of clients on workplace & equity challenges. Before BIT, Leonie worked at Accenture in technology consulting.  She has an…