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Eva Kolker

Eva is a Senior Advisor in the Local Places and Communities team and is based in Manchester. Since joining in 2018, she has worked with a range of public and private sector organisations across the UK. Eva leads BIT's work on housing and homelessness, and also specialises in adult social…

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Sarah Merriam

Sarah Merriam is a Senior Advisor in the Health and Wellbeing team. She currently leads the team's work applying behavioural insights to reduce the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases. Sarah has a specific interest in vaccination behaviour and how lessons from behavioural science can be applied to increase vaccine…

  • Blog
  • 2nd Aug 2018

Improving communications using behavioural insights - new results from TEST + Build

TEST + Build, one of our growing range of BI Ventures, draws on behavioural insights to improve communications. Since launching last year, we have worked with nine organisations to send out over 55,000 communications. One of those organisations was Mansfield Council. Using TEST + Build to encourage more households to…

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  • 27th Jul 2018

Encouraging retirement planning through behavioural insights

Think about yourself the day after you retire. Will you be spending more time with your friends and family? Does this question make retirement feel closer, more real? In a recent study with over 70,000 people, this simple prompt substantially increased engagement with retirement planning. It was more effective than…

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  • 20th Jul 2018

Improving the annual electoral canvass

What we found in our trial surprised us: our most effective intervention was the business-as-usual letter repackaged in a modified envelope.

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  • 1st Jun 2018

What should government pay attention to?

This is the fourth blog in our Behavioural Government series, which explores how behavioural insights can be used to improve how government itself works. You might say - whatever the public cares about. The fact that people care about an issue is of course important in a democracy - no…

  • Report
  • 25th Apr 2018

Increasing responses to the annual canvass in Hackney and Hull

Final report

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Stephanie Wilcoxen

Stephanie is a Senior Advisor with BIT Americas. She works with city governments to apply behavioral insights across a wide range of policy areas. Prior to BIT, Stephanie earned her Master of Public Administration from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the…

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  • 26th Nov 2017

Behavioural Insights in Australia

In Everett Rogers's classic text, The Diffusion of Innovations, he argues that it helps that good ideas are effective. But it’s often not quite enough. For innovations to really take hold, they need to have the capacity to be trialled and reinvented in different contexts. People need to be able…

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  • 7th Jul 2017

A first for children's social care: findings from our new trial

For children growing up in turbulent households the outcomes are stark. Young people in receipt of social care attain drastically lower than average GCSE grades, have an increased chance of suffering poor physical and mental health and, worryingly, are more likely to have offspring who endure a similarly detrimental childhood.…