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The Behavioural Insights Team

About us

At BIT, we improve lives and communities by helping all levels of government, private sector and philanthropy businesses tackle their biggest challenges.

We offer a selection of behavioural science consultancy and services to help clients across multiple sectors to gain an understanding of their audience and create strategies that will help them to scale their business effectively.

Our Services

Behavioural Science Consultancy

At BIT we work with a range of clients and partners, offering expert behavioural science consultancy that yields results. 

Discover how giving your clients a gentle nudge using research and data focused on human behaviour can help your business to scale within your industry thanks to The Behavioural Insights Team.

"BIT provided excellent advice, theoretical and technical guidance with a tight project management approach."

Leonie Gibbs

Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Transport, Western Australia

"BIT was the perfect partner. Their team of unrivalled experts worked collaboratively with us to understand our strategy and shape outputs that met our needs. We're delighted with the final output, which has delivered clarity to support our decision making."

Susanna Eriksson-Lee

Evaluation Lead, Impact on Urban Health, UK

"BIT became an invaluable part of our team and were instrumental to our success. They were responsive, understood and helped us navigate our constraints and were fun to work with."

City of Racine, Wisconsin

What Works Cities Economic Mobility Initiative, US

“A great team of behavioural science experts with a clear vision, structure and knowledge on how to meet expected deliverables – especially when working in fast paced and challenging environments.”

Đorđe Novakovic

Emergency Risk Communication Expert, WHO West Pacific, Malaysia

“The team was friendly and easy to communicate with. They were also very adaptable, responding quickly to changes in scope and quickly developing new ideas – which included running the whole experiment in a tight timeline to feed into overall project deadlines.”

Alastair Down

Senior Policy Advisor, Cabinet Office, UK

Interested in working with BIT?

At BIT we pride ourselves on working with a variety of clients, helping them to achieve personalised goals that set their business apart. 

If you are looking to take your business to the next level using behavioural insights and science to create increases across specific areas of your business, BIT is the ideal place for you.

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Latest News and Insights

Find out more with the latest News and insights from BIT with The Behavioural Insights Team Blog. Discover tips that can help to scale your business or news from our clients that provide additional understanding of what we do and how it works.

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Including Behavioural Insights in your next business strategy couldn’t be easier with BIT.

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