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We have been working in France on a diverse portfolio of projects since 2018, initially through a framework agreement with the Direction Interministerielle de la Transformation Publique (DITP). In response to our expanding work in the country in 2020 we opened an office in Paris, our first permanent office in continental Europe, with a core team of advisors who moved over from London.

Our work in France to date has included a wide range of projects including encouraging children to sleep more and use screens less, strengthening protections for consumers against online fraud, reducing antibiotic prescriptions, improving labour market access for disabled job seekers and unemployed youth and encouraging more sustainable purchasing behaviours. 

France has an extensive ecosystem for innovation across a diverse range of sectors, and the appetite for new, evidence-based approaches to policy design has increased considerably over the last few years. We partner with organisations looking to generate social impact, including central government ministries, regional public authorities, local and international NGOs and private organisations to develop, test and implement policies and interventions that can improve lives and deliver social impact at scale. We also run capacity-building workshops and training in French to help organisations embed behavioural science into their day-to-day work.

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