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Create & implement solutions

BIT was created with the mission of having an impact in the real world. We are skilled at turning existing evidence and new insights into changes that are creative and innovative, but also effective and realistic.

We know how important it is to design policies, products and services carefully and pay attention to the details of how they will be implemented. That’s why we co-create them with people who understand the context and challenges deeply.  

Since 2010, we have developed world-leading approaches that guide clients all the way from initial analysis of behaviours to a fully-realised redesign or innovative practice. They have proved to be resilient in more than 700 projects dealing with a wide range of challenges across the globe.

Even relatively simple solutions can have a powerful impact. For instance, a simple letter to high prescribers of antibiotics reduced their prescribing rates by 3.3% on average, which translated to 73,406 fewer prescriptions across England in six months. This intervention has since been repeated successfully around the world. 

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