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Understand behaviour

BIT is known for offering accurate analyses of why people act as they do. While we are world leaders in applying psychology and behavioural economics, we draw on insights from a wide range of fields:

  • We use data science to offer sophisticated ways of detecting meaningful patterns in datasets. For example, we have shown how machine learning can identify poor-performing medical providers or schools without the need for direct inspection.
  • Through human-centred design, we engage with service users to understand their experiences and how they are trying to achieve their goals. For example, we have explored why witnesses to sexual harrassment do not act and the importance of learning through play in refugee settlements.   
  • We use systems thinking approaches to identify the wider factors influencing individual and organisational choices. For example, we showed the systemic factors driving the use of single-use plastics in the Solomon Islands, which led to national policy changes.  

No matter what field of study we draw from, our innovative and creative team consistently pays close attention to evidence and uncovers insights that others may miss.

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