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  • Report
  • 1st Feb 2022

Use Behavioural Market Design to recalibrate the gambling market

When they work well, markets are powerful drivers of higher living standards. They give suppliers strong incentives to compete to provide the best value for money to consumers, through lower prices, higher quality, and innovation. 

The UK gambling sector almost doubled in 10 years from 2009-2019, and this rate of growth was driven by one dimension – attracting customers. The gambling market is stuck in a bad equilibrium where providers don’t have incentives to prioritise the best outcomes for consumers and society.

The BIT Gambling Policy & Research Unit’s paper offers four evidence-based approaches to recalibrate the market, to make it safer, more enjoyable, and more competitive. 

Read our report here to learn how understanding the ways consumers and operators make decisions can help design incentives that benefit the market, customers, and society.