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Carolina Toth

Carolina is a Director of US programs leading our work on the What Works Cities program. Before joining BIT, Carolina was a Management Consultant at McKinsey and a member of their Public and Social Sector and Organization practices. She was also an early employee at GiveDirectly, who in a series…

  • Academic publication
  • 5th Nov 2019

Nudging early reduces administrative burden: Three field experiments to improve code enforcement

In the past decade, public sector organizations around the world have worked to simplify administrative processes as a way to improve user experience and compliance. Academic evidence on administrative burden supports this approach and there is a strong body of research showing that learning costs, compliance costs, and psychological costs…

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Micah Melia

Micah is an Senior Research Advisor with BIT Americas. She works with city governments to apply behavioral insights across a wide range of policy areas. Micah holds a Master of Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and B.A in Anthropology from the University…

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Kirstie Paul

Kirstie is an Advisor with BIT Americas and works primarily on helping local and city governments apply behavioral insights to policy. Kirstie holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Bath and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. Prior to joining BIT, Kirstie worked in various psychology…

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Marta Garnelo Caamano

Marta is a Principal Advisor at BIT Americas. She works with government agencies to design and evaluate policies and services informed by behavioral science. Since joining the team in 2016, Marta has worked on policies to promote gender equality, reduce violence, and improve public health and educational outcomes. She has…

  • Blog
  • 20th Jun 2019

Creating opportunities for economic mobility in US cities

Integrating behavioural science into the heart of social programs

  • Blog
  • 12th Jun 2019

Integrating health and social care: making it work for staff

Navigating the challenges facing local government

  • Report
  • 24th Jan 2019

The Behavioural Insights Team Annual Update Report 2017-18

Latest results from the team, covering issues from healthcare to humanitarian aid.

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Emily Larson

Emily is a Senior Advisor of International Development at BIT Americas. While at BIT London, Emily led the schools and wellbeing brief. Emily has worked on reducing burnout, increasing parental engagement and using edtech to reduce teacher workload. Before joining BIT, Emily was the director of an international organisation that…

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Sarah Merriam

Sarah Merriam is a Senior Advisor in the Health and Wellbeing team. She currently leads the team's work applying behavioural insights to reduce the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases. Sarah has a specific interest in vaccination behaviour and how lessons from behavioural science can be applied to increase vaccine…