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  • Press release
  • 9th Feb 2022

Behavioural Insights Team expands into Latin America and the Caribbean

LONDON 09 FEBRUARY 2022 - The Behavioural Insights Team, innovators in the application of behavioural science to public policy around the world, is today announcing the expansion of its operations to Latin America and The Caribbean. Since its launch by the UK Government in 2010 and acquisition by innovation charity Nesta…

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  • Press release
  • 9th Feb 2022

El Behavioral Insights Team se expande a América Latina y el Caribe

LONDRES 09 DE FEBRERO DE 2022 - El Behavioral Insights Team, innovadores en la aplicación de las ciencias del comportamiento a las políticas públicas en todo el mundo, anuncia hoy la expansión de sus operaciones a América Latina y el Caribe. Desde su lanzamiento por parte del gobierno del Reino Unido…

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  • Person

Scott Young

Scott Young is Principal Advisor, Head of Private Sector at the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) North America. Prior to assuming this role, he was Senior Vice President of BVA Nudge Unit (a Behavioral Science consultancy) and earlier spent 20+ years leading Perception Research Services and PRS IN VIVO, a global…

  • Blog
  • 26th Jan 2022

Reducing age bias against older workers in recruitment

Over the coming years, we can expect older workers to make up more of our workforce, both as a result of an ageing population and due to rises to the State Pension Age. Therefore, it is critical to find solutions to the barriers that older workers face when looking for…

  • Blog
  • 30th Nov 2021

Making employment services work for job seekers

Most people have been unemployed at some point in their lives. It can be a profoundly demotivating experience.

  • Person

Jonathan Vayness

Jonathan is an Associate Advisor at BIT Americas, applying behavioral insights to the social safety net. Prior to BIT, Jonathan has published research on emotion and prosocial behavior, and most recently worked at the Global Poverty Research Lab on projects related to effective philanthropy.  Jonathan studied psychology and economics at…

  • Person

Ol Jonatan Beun

OL (Jonatan) is a Senior Advisor at BIT Americas and his work focuses on BIT's Latin American portfolio. Prior to joining BIT, he worked as a Behavioral Scientist at the World Bank’s Mind, Behavior and Development Unit (eMBeD), and he also served as Director for Capability Building and Innovation at…

  • Podcast: Inside The Nudge Unit
  • 4th Oct 2021

Combatting sexual harassment and violence; economic policy-making

In this latest episode of Inside The Nudge Unit BIT’s Aisling Colclough and Lis Costa look at two more major areas of work by the team around the world. First they are joined by colleagues Dr Vera Newman and Monica Wills Silva to explore BIT projects in Australia and Latin…

  • Report
  • 2nd Sep 2021

How to improve gender equality in the workplace - evidence-based actions for employers

A summary of evidence-based actions for employers to improve gender equality, part of a wider toolkit to improve gender equality, with guides on: How to set effective targets; How to establish diversity leads and diversity task forces; How to run structured interviews; How to use skill-based assessment tasks and How…

  • Report
  • 2nd Sep 2021

How to set effective targets

Five steps for setting effective targets for gender representation and equality