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  • Report
  • 9th Apr 2024

Improving the user journey to reduce dropout from residential gambling services

Working with Gordon Moody, the UK’s leading residential treatment provider for gambling addiction, to reduce dropout during the application process

Gordon Moody’s treatment services are designed for individuals struggling with severe forms of gambling-related harm. Applicants often face additional barriers, which make it more challenging to commit to treatment. BIT’s Gambling Policy & Research Unit partnered with Gordon Moody to help address the issue of high dropout rates during the application process. 

Our primary objective was to identify behavioural barriers and pain points that may lead to user dropouts along the journey, and develop evidence-based solutions to help address these. Our research involved interviews with alumni and staff members, as well as a systematic review of Gordon Moody’s website, application form, automated communications, informational materials, and current engagement strategies.

Our solutions were grouped under the following themes: 

  • Make the process easy to complete by ensuring the website and application form is easy to navigate and free from additional friction
  • Provide clarity to the applicant on what to expect by ensuring applicants are well informed about the application and treatment process through timely communication 
  • Provide support throughout the process by updating the content of automatic messages and ensuring applicants can access all forms of available support. 

Please do get in touch at if you would like to discuss our work!