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  • 1st Feb 2024

Behavioural Science in Latin America and the Caribbean: BIT’s Journey and Vision for 2024 and beyond

In a world constantly evolving with technology and data, the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) has been at the forefront of creating meaningful, socially impactful change. Since our expansion into Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in 2014, we’ve championed the fusion of behavioral science with real-world applications. Today, we’re excited to introduce Alejandro Salgado as the new Director of our LAC team, ushering in an era of tech-driven behavioral insights.

A Quick Profile on BIT LAC’s New Director

With over a decade of consulting experience across global markets and a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Oxford, Alejandro brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to BIT. His expertise in behavioral and brain sciences, combined with his proven track record in market research, analytics, strategy, and leadership, positions him perfectly to steer our LAC operations towards new horizons. His combination of expertise and leadership skills is set to enhance our team’s ability to tackle regional challenges and collaborate effectively with our partners.

BIT’s Impact in Latin America: A Retrospective

Our journey in LAC has been marked by significant milestones. Our portfolio includes diverse projects such as improving maternal health in Peru through WhatsApp chatbots, reducing school absences in Uruguay and Peru, and combating wildlife trafficking across South America. We have also tackled complex issues like supporting early childhood development, climate change, migration, and technology for governance. From debunking fake news in Peru to supporting intimate partner violence survivors in Chile, our work has impacted various spheres of human life demonstrating the power of behavioral insights in diverse contexts. Our expanding team of experts, now based in Colombia, Peru, and Mexico City, has not only grown in number but also in the depth of their expertise and cultural understanding.

Embracing Technology and AI

With a focus on integrating AI, technology, and data science, BIT LAC is poised to deepen our understanding of human behavior. This strategic direction allows us to develop projects more rapidly, offer competitive rates, and generate sustained impact across various domains for NGOs, public offices, and corporations interested in having a positive impact in their communities.

In the coming months, BIT LAC aims to take on more complex regional challenges. We plan to forge diverse partnerships to extend our reach and impact, improving lives through behavioral insights.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. If you are looking to apply behavioral science to a social challenge in the region, BIT LAC is ready to collaborate. Contact us to explore potential partnerships and innovative solutions.

Contact us at to explore potential partnerships and innovative solutions.