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  • Report
  • 18th May 2023

Features Used in Online Slot Game Adverts

A Content Analysis and Deliberative Ranking

This report from BIT’s Gambling Policy & Research Unit involved a study of 100 online slot game adverts from August 2022 to February 2023, looking for features that could mislead people or encourage them to gamble more than they can afford. 

The most common features in slot game adverts found included:

  • Incentives were the most common feature in slot game adverts. They were often targeted at new customers, and they could be very effective in enticing people to gamble. For example, an advert might offer free spins or a bonus if someone signed up for a new account.
  • Many ads were misleading about the risk of gambling. Many adverts did not include odds information, which made it difficult for people to assess the true risk of gambling. Additionally, some adverts used vague language or focused on the potential wins, which could give people the impression that gambling was a sure thing.
  • Terms and conditions were often not prominent in slot game adverts. This meant that people might not be aware of the important details, such as wagering requirements or maximum bets.

The features were ranked based on predictions on their risk of harm.