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Gambling Policy & Research

The Behavioural Insights Team’s Gambling Policy & Research Unit (GPRU) discovers, tests and scales approaches to reduce gambling harm.

The UK is the largest regulated gambling market in the world. According to the latest figures, around 43% of the population has gambled in the last four weeks. Our dedicated team of specialist researchers works with policymakers, operators and many others to make this gambling market the most safely regulated in the world.

The GPRU programme will run from September 2021 – August 2025 and is funded by a Regulatory Settlement fund via the Gambling Commission. 

Resources, Trial Results & Information

At The Behavioural Insights Team we have collated our resources on Gambling Policy and Research, allowing us to support businesses and individuals to understand and deal with gambling.

How Can We Help

At The Behavioural Insights Team we have worked with partners to create gambling policies through research that are proven to help support those with a gambling addiction.

Working with both businesses and the government has allowed us to provide highly knowledgeable behavioural insights to reduce the harm caused by gambling.

Take a look at our recent blogs for more insights into our work with gambling policy.

Want to Work with the Gambling Unit?

Are you interested in behavioural insight that will improve gambling policy? At The Behavioural Insights Team we work across industries to provide comprehensive support using behavioural science to create positive solutions.

Whether you are looking for individual gambling support or wider support for a business or organisation, our behavioural insights could help.

Get in touch with our experts today for more information.