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  • Blog
  • 10th Jun 2024

Helping employers transition to flexible working

From December all employers in Singapore will have to fairly consider staff requests for flexible working arrangements. This is a big step for the country’s companies – a recent survey found that more than half still maintained a traditional, full work-from-office policy. 

  • Blog
  • 30th Apr 2024

Jabbing through indifference in the post-pandemic era: how do we encourage vaccine uptake?

Vaccine access and hesitancy are as much behavioural challenges as they are policy challenges in Indonesia, and globally, which threaten to prolong the impact of the pandemic.

  • Blog
  • 30th Apr 2024

Mengatasi ketidakacuhan di era pasca-pandemi: Bagaimana caranya untuk meningkatkan serapan vaksinasi?

Apakah Anda tahu berapa banyak varian hasil mutasi virus SARS-CoV-2 yang telah muncul sejak awal pandemi? Anda mungkin sudah berhenti mengikuti beritanya karena pandemi sudah tidak lagi menjadi perhatian utama kita. Padahal, varian virus SARS-CoV-2 menjadi hal yang dibicarakan banyak orang ketika WHO mengeluarkan izin penggunaan darurat vaksin COVID-19 pertama…

  • Blog
  • 21st Dec 2023

Improving handwashing in Rohingya settlements in Cox’s Bazar

With the generous support of Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute (RGHI), BIT collaborated with the BRAC Social Innovation Lab (SIL) to encourage usage of HWSs among the Rohingya nationals in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh through developing BI-informed communication interventions that addressed behavioural barriers faced by the community. 

  • Report
  • 21st Dec 2023

Improving hygiene behaviours within Rohingya settlements in Cox’s Bazar

Bangladesh is the site of the world’s largest settlement for forcibly displaced Rohingya nationals. Since August 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya families have fled genocidal violence in Myanmar. Now, over 1,000,000 people have lived in temporary settlement camps spanning 5,800 acres. BRAC - the world’s largest NGO - is…

  • Blog
  • 23rd Nov 2023

Menggunakan wawasan perilaku untuk mengatasi kekerasan berbasis gender di Indonesia

Wawasan perilaku (behavioural insights) memiliki peran yang penting dalam mengatasi kekerasan berbasis gender (KBG). BIT telah mengerjakan berbagai proyek yang bertujuan untuk mengatasi KBG di berbagai negara. Kami telah merancang kampanye untuk mendorong para penyintas KBG untuk mencari bantuan di Honduras dan El Salvador, mendesain pesan untuk mendorong para bystander…

  • Blog
  • 23rd Nov 2023

Breaking the cycle of silence: Using behavioural insights to tackle gender-based violence in Indonesia

One in three women in Indonesia have experienced violence by an intimate male partner during their lifetime. To promote gender justice in Indonesia, we worked with independent researchers affiliated with UNDP Indonesia who conducted immersion research with GBV survivors.

  • Blog
  • 25th Oct 2023

Hacking the learning process: Learn how to apply BI by running your own project

We know that practical experience, or learning-by-doing, is a powerful method for learning. When we run training programmes, we want to make sure that every learner walks away with a deep understanding not only of what was on our slides, but more importantly, of the underlying principles and how to…

  • New publication
  • 20th Mar 2023

A Manifesto for Applying Behavioral Science

10 new proposals to enable behavioural science to truly fulfill its potential for improving lives and societies

  • Blog
  • 18th Oct 2022

Do Behavioural Insights work for tigers?

We overestimate our ability to manage risks - even if there's a very real chance of being attacked by tigers!

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